Gays Mills Mystery Photos

Mem. Day Parade

Recognize anyone?

Do you have an old photo to add to this historical collection on the Gays Mills Public Library website?

We hope you will allow us to scan your photo and add it to the digital collection.

We want you to tell us about the photo, who is in it, what year is it and what event the photo captured. To view a larger image of the photo just click on the photo.

All photos should be of Gays Mills or the surrounding area.

Del and Julia Flitsch Contributions:

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streetscape GM

View from the hill in years gone by and an old Main Street shot.




ImageThis is a Story Hour picture from ? year.  Do you recognize any of these children? Some of them may have children of their own by now.





Last Train to Gays Mills 1939

Last Train to Gays Mills


Saying good-bye to the Stump Dodger. August 15, 1939

Hubert Humphrey and John F. Kennedy both visited Gays Mills in the early 60s.
Looks like the Apple Festival Parade in the 1970s?