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Mission Statement

The Gays Mills Public Library enriches the lives of those we serve by providing and promoting free access to physical and virtual materials, programming and learning resources. We are a center of education, recreation, leisure and cultural pursuits.

Our Story

The Gays Mills Public Library has roots in the village dating back to 1941. With a $10 investment by the Women’s Literary Club and a great deal of their love and attention, the library grew from its humble origins to the thriving entity it currently is. Due to fire and flood and just plain old growth, the library has occupied several locations on Main Street. In 2012 the library moved into its current location at 16381 State Hwy 131.

In 1968 the library joined the Southwest Wisconsin Library System (SWLS) and has enjoyed a fruitful relationship as one of the 28 member libraries that make up SWLS. Membership with SWLS provides patrons with access to materials from all over Wisconsin through WISCAT (Wisconsin online catalog of library holdings) and to speedy delivery of those materials through the van delivery system. SWLS also maintains and supports the shared catalog and circulation system of most of the 28 member libraries.

In 2007, and again in 2008, Gays Mills was hit by two record-breaking floods. As a result of these floods the village began a flood protection strategy to move as many individuals and businesses out of the floodplain as possible. Village offices, library, community building & community kitchen will share a space in the newly-developed section of Gays Mills. The Library moved into the new facility the first week of January, 2012 and we are loving every minute of it!

Although it was many years after the humble origins of the library that a mission statement was developed, the actions of its founding members, past librarians, supporters and users are the foundation on which the mission statement was developed.

Library Staff

David Gibbs, Director

Khadijah Lacina, Library Assistant

16381 State Hwy 131
Gays Mills, WI 54631
Phone: 608 735 4331

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