Need help?


Are you a Kindle User looking for some help downloading e-books to your device? Please consult our Help Sheet for the Kindle by clicking here: OverDrive Handout Tablets 10-23-14

Kindle e-reader users may find help in this brochure: OverDrive Handout Kindle 10-23-14

Other kinds of e-readers may find help with this brochure: OverDrive Handout eReader ePub 10-23-14

The first step in accessing OverDrive is to have a library card from a WI library. Next you need to setup a password for your Library Account. Your library card number and unique password are required to start borrowing materials through OverDrive.  If you don’t have a library card then you can drop into your nearest public library to obtain one.

OVERDRIVE HELP MENU: I know what a buzz-kill it is to use ‘help’ menus on websites. HOWEVER, the Help menus on OverDrive are very useful. I consult them often and usually find the help I am looking for. In fact, if you call me for assistance with OverDrive at the library that is probably what I will do.


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